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Datadeck is easy to use and it can be used without training

Make your data easy to use

Centralize your business data in a place that makes analysis easy. No more logging in and out of different apps. Also, datadeck can be used without training!

Datadeck is easy to use and it can be used without training Read more

Get everyone using data

Once your colleagues have signed up, you can benefit from a new data-focused attitude. Datadeck helps you, your team, company and your clients to collaborate using data.

Data Collaboration Read more
Data Collaboration

Integrate with Slack

Datadeck also integrates with Slack, allowing you to post charts and tables directly into your Slack chat groups.

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“Datadeck, makes it simple to gather data together, and it's also flexible and easy to customize. I am optimistic about Datadeck's product direction because it keeps things simple and easy to use !”

Dustin Slightham

founder of 434 Marketing

Datadeck grows with your business.

Experience the freshest, easiest-to-use data viz tool on the block.



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